CARNFORTH will be showcased across Europe this summer after an independent film maker used the north Lancashire town as a backdrop for his new low budget World War Two film.

The POW was filmed entirely in the railway town during a two-day shoot last December last year, when temperatures never rose above freezing.

Film director, producer and special effects man, John Hamlett said the film, shot on a budget of just £400, was already creating a stir in the film world.

He said Carnforth was the 'ideal location' for his action period film due to the town's iconic coaling tower built by Italian PoWs, its rail yards which featured in David Lean's classic love story 'Brief Encounter' and as home to the real Hogwarts Express steam train.

The 10-minute film has been entered into five film festivals in Europe and Mr Hamlett, who works around South Lakeland as a freelance video producer, said it had enjoyed rave reviews from the British Film Commission, who described it as 'tremendous'.

“I wanted to shoot a film that had adventure,” said Mr Hamlett. “People who have watched it can't believe it’s only ten minutes long - so much happens in it.

“It feels quite epic. I'm excited about everyone watching it."

Once the short film, which is based around a British prisoner who risks his life to escape a POW camp in 1944, has made its way around the festivals it will be available online for people to view.

Other than lead actor Ben Worth, there were only three people involved in the filming – but special effects include helicopters, explosions and lots of shooting.

The title music was performed by German pianist Walter Gieseking .

To learn more about the film visit the website below.