HEAVY rainfall led to multiple call outs for the Cave Rescue Organisation (CRO) across the region this weekend.

The Clapham based team received six calls for overdue cavers believed to still be in cave systems in north Lancashire and north Yorkshire yesterday afternoon due to flood water.

Initial investigations established that there were potentially six separate groups who had not made it to the surface at their designated time.

Five groups were quickly located and found to be safe, having been delayed by high water.

Rescuers were due to start looking for the final party of three cavers in Ireby Fell Cavern, Lancashire at around 7.50pm.

But just before rescuers were due to head in to the cave, the men aged 29, 24 and 23 were seen carrying torches on the nearby moor. They were met by members of the CRO who transported them off the hill.

Today the team were at Waterfalls Walk, Ingleton, to help a teenage walker who had slipped near Pecca Falls.

The 15-year-old boy had dislocated his kneecap and the CRO helped stretcher him from the falls to a team vehicle for transport to a road ambulance waiting at the Kingsdale Road, Ingleton.