An eight-year-old Kendal girl is urging people to clean up after their dogs.

Elisabeth Willoughby, a Staveley Primary School pupil, would like dog owners to recognise the potential consequences of choosing not to poop-a-scoop.

Elisabeth suffers from a rare infection called toxocariasis, which is spread from animals to humans through their faeces.

It is not clear whether her condition developed as a baby, or whether it was passed on during pregnancy, but the vision in her right eye has been left permanently damaged.

Her mum Becky said that although it was a relatively mild case, it would still affect the opportunities she has in grown-up life. he has always had the problem so she doesn’t know any different, but it will reduce her choices in life,” said Mrs Willoughby.

“There may only be 10 children affected every year, but that’s 80 since Elisabeth was born.

“And when the child is yours it doesn’t seem like a small problem.”

As a result, Elisabeth and her mum would like people to take more responsibility for their dogs.

Mrs Willoughby said: “I don’t think that people realise the problems that can be caused by not doing something which would take them seconds.

“We live right next to a public footpath and lots of children play there, but there is also a lot of dog poo. It concerns me because children often don’t look where they are running and it’s so easily spread.”

Elisabeth added: “Please stop leaving dog poo in the street as children can get a poorly eye like mine.”