Inspired by the Royal Pageant on the River Thames, an equally-impressive flotilla of boats sailed through High Bentham.

The parade of vessels travelled along Main Street as hundreds of residents and visitors lined the route to cheer them on.

Among the creative designs were a yellow submarine, Noah’s Ark and 12-foot-long Titanic.

The Jubilee celebrations were part of a bigger project over the weekend in the town called ‘My Last Car’, a light-hearted look at life with and without cars, including considering other ways of moving around.

And it was by the power of pushing, pulling and pedalling that the floats made their way to the playing fields.

High Bentham’s own Queen Elizabeth, also known as Lizzie Star, judged the floats and handed out medals to the children before revellers settled down for a picnic and games.

Decked out in her regal finery, she said: “It’s a fabulous day and there has been a great turnout. I think I was born to be Queen, it suits me very well.”

Special guests The Ski Band, a funky calypso group, were also on hand to entertain the crowd with lively performances in the glorious sunshine.

The weekend’s celebrations, which included other fun-filled activities, were pulled together by Pioneer Projects, a community arts and health charity based at Looking Well Studios in the town.

Founder Alison Clough said: “We have been working in collaboration with My Last Car, a project that has come up from Warwick to North Yorkshire, and it has been an amazing weekend.

"We wanted to organise something that would bring everyone together and it has been such fun. We also wanted to highlight issues of sustainability, which is why we asked for everyone to come up with ways of moving the boats that didn’t involve a motor, from walking to wheelchairs and wheelbarrows.

“There used to be an annual gala but it was cancelled years ago as everyone in town would disappear for the Bank Holiday weekend. It is so wonderful to have something that brings everyone back together.

“Apart from the band, which was paid for by a grant, everything else was completely DIY, and it worked so well.”

Workshops were held to create boats for the flotilla at the Looking Well Studios from the end of April, but Alison said as many boats were made quietly at home by families, which she was delighted to see turn up on the day.

She said: “It was unexpectedly wonderful that so many people came together and made an effort. I love that about Bentham. I have never seen so many people laughing and smiling.”

Linda Atkinson, 45, whose family was responsible for the incredibly detailed Titanic float, said: “We started the boat in March so lots of effort has gone into it, and lots of cardboard boxes from my husband’s work.

“There has been a fantastic turnout and we have all really enjoyed being a part of the celebrations. I think we have done the Queen proud.”

The celebrations were capped off in the evening as a Jubilee beacon was lit at Big Stone.

Alison added: “It was brilliant; we could see 20 other beacons lit across the Lake District, and watched the torches coming down Ingleborough. It really has been a memorable weekend.”

The winners of the ‘Queen’s Awards’ were: Queen’s favourite: Bentham Youth Cafe; Most beautiful: Titanic; Most comical: Yellow Submarine; Best craftsmanship: Lifeboat.