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ZEUS - Busting Visions THINK John Bonham style drum rolls, Slash-esque guitar riffs and classic rock and you’re somewhere near the sound of Zeus.

Love / Pain is like a mid-1970s John Lennon track played by Supertramp, while Are You Gonna Waste My Time? could have been a b-side for The Who.

There are also shades of the short-lived John Squire-led band The Seahorses. All in all, there’s plenty for fans of rootsy rock ‘n’ roll to enjoy.

JOSHUA RADIN - Underwater THE stripped back and beautiful music of Joshua Radin gets right to the heart of the human condition.

His soft vocal tones and simple arrangements cannot help but charm the ears, and his universal appeal means his songs regularly feature on hit US dramas such as Grey's Anatomy and One Tree Hill.

Fans of Ryan Adams and Jack Johnson will definitely dig this album.

WAKA FLOCKA FLAME - Triple F Life HARDCORE hip hop artist Waka Flock Flame collaborates with breakthrough rappers Drake, Nicki Minaj and Flo Rida on his second album.

Produced by Lex Luger, who has worked with Kanye West, Jay Z and Rick Ross, this record pulls no punches.

Intense lyrics and beats make this a must for rap fans the world over.