ULVERSTON Flower Show president Pat Rushton is keeping her late husband’s memory alive by growing prize-winning geraniums.

Pat is propagating brilliant blooms using seeds from flowers grown by Joe Rushton before his death six years ago.

Joe, 71, was a former show secretary and was renowned for his growing top quality geraniums and chrysanthemums. Seeds from his plants helped Pat grow flowers that were impressive enough to achieve trophies in two geranium classes.

“My geraniums aren’t as good as Joe’s were, but I like to grow and show them because it is keeping his memory alive,” she said.

Although entries for the Ulverston Flower Show were slightly down on last year, the event was hailed a success by the show committee.

“There was a good atmosphere in the hall and the quality of the entries was maintained, despite the wet summer we’ve had,” added Pat.

Cups and trophies:

Best exhibit, potatoes: DW Johnson. Most points, onion classes: M Roskell. Best exhibit, onions: M Hewertson. Most points, vegetable classes: Mrs N Misra. Winner of vegetable classes with highest number of exhibits forwarded for judging: J Atkinson. Best in fruit classes: N Bishop-Rowe. Best exhibit, roses: DW Johnson. Most points, rose classes: M Hewertson. Most points, dahlia classes: D Wilkinson. Best exhibit, dahlias: J Athersmith. Most points, chyrysanthemums: J & J Ireland. Best exhibit, chrysanthemums: J & J Ireland. Best exhibit, cut flowers: M Hewertson. Winner of class 91, vase of perennials: F Barnes. Best exhibit, classes 92-95: M Hewertson. Most points, cut flowers: M Hewertson. Best exhibit, pot plants: Mrs P Rushton. Most points, pot plants: Mrs N Misra. Best exhibit, geraniums: Mrs P Rushton. Most points, geranium classes: Mrs P Rushton. Best exhibit, cookery: Mrs K Moses. Most points, cookery: Mrs K Moses. Most points, preserves: Mrs F Peacock. Most points, photography, Mrs C Lees. Best photograph: Mrs C Lees. Most points, handicrafts: Mrs A Collar. Best exhibit, handicrafts: Alison Ellwood. Best knitted item: Mrs H Marr. Best handicraft exhibit by senior citizen: Mrs D Johnson. Best exhibit, tapestry: Mrs F Peacock. Best exhibit, juniors – Classes 201-205: Samuel Huck. Classes 206-210: Sophie Rouse. Classes 211-215: Heidi Lindow. Classes 216-217: Briony Murray. Most points, junior classes 201-217: Sophie Rouse. Best miniature garden exhibit, class 218: Sophie Rouse. Best exhibit, classe 219: Sophie Rouse. Best horticultural exhibit in show: M Hewertson. Best horticultural exhibit in show, runner up: M Roskell. National Society Medals Best vegetable exhibit: M Roskell. Best dahlia exhibit: J Athersmith. Best chrysanthemum exhibit: J & J Ireland.