WHAT a great album this is by Brooklyn-based Grizzly Bear.

Ramshackle Americana and indie pop combine on the band’s fourth album, which is arguably their best yet.

There is so much to enjoy here, from the Ringo Starr-esque drum shuffle of Yet Again to the stripped back sound of The Hunt, with reflective lyrics combining with some lovely playing.

If this doesn’t feature heavily in the albums of the year lists compiled by music magazines then there is something seriously wrong with their judgement.

TOY - Toy

WHEN I saw this band at this year’s Kendal Calling I have to admit I was disappointed.

Though I could see the merit in what they were doing, their extended psychedelic workouts and Spinal Tap-esque posturing didn’t really connect with the crowd.

But on record it seems to work.

Though they may well be a bit of a clone of The Horrors, this is still a pretty good album and with single Left Myself Behind, they’ve made one heck of a song.

THE XX - Coexist

ON their second album, the xx continue where they left off on their hit debut.

It’s basically just Joy Division with the genius vocals of Ian Curtis replaced by male-female lyrical sparring.

The atmospheric and sparse meandering music on tracks such as Angel and Try are really quite lovely.

But in my very humble opinion the lyrics let it down - predictable ‘we love each other but we can’t get on’ conversations between an imaginary couple have been done a million times before.