THE on-shore ticket machines for the Windermere Ferry are to be scrapped in a u-turn that follows more than a year of campaigning.

Cumbria County Council proposed at full cabinet today (December 21) to reintroduce an on-board ticketing system.

All foot passengers, vehicles and cyclists will pay on board.


This will be done using an on-board ticketing machine, operated by ferry staff and taking card and smartphone payments. There will also be a deck-mounted ticket machine.

The report states that it is 'anticipated' that most drivers will pay by card or smart phone. In order to pay by cash drivers will have to leave their cars to pay using the on-board machine.

It is proposed that cyclists will also either pay the ferry operative if using a card or smart phone or use the deck mounted machine for cash transactions.

Since the machines were introduced in June 2016, an action group has been campaigning for the shore-side machines' removal.

This included a petition, which gained thousands of signatures of support.

The full report can be found here: