A MUSIC mad Sandgate School duo took charge of the decks at the Sandylands Residents' Association (SRA) Halloween children's disco.

And the set by Oli Cunningham and Rachael Edwards proved a huge success as they kept the party rocking from start to finish and more than 100 attendees at the Castle Street Centre were kept thoroughly entertained.

"Their professionalism of this pair was nothing short of inspiring and certainly showed everyone our teens can play a part in bringing events such as last night to our town’s communities," said Cllr Adam Edwards, who helped organise the event.

"We’ve had loads of great feedback from the people who enjoyed the entertainment provided."

Oli 13, drives a powered wheelchair and is non-verbal but uses an eye-tracking computer to speak and also to control his DJ software and equipment.

A lifelong lover of music, he began DJ-ing last December and his budding career has taken off since then.

His first big gig was at a summer families weekend and he has also DJ-ed at a friend's 50th.

Oli's favourite artists are Ed Sheeran and Olly Murs but he enjoys a wide selection of music and will play to all tastes and ages, and he is looking forward to enhancing his skills at future events.

And Cllr Edwards said he was very impressed with Oli's DJ-ing which he said played a big part in making an important community event a success.

"As chair of the SRA, I certainly encourage businesses large or small and members of the public to join us in bringing such events forward in the future not just on Sandylands but across Kendal and our district," he said.