A BROWNIE meeting with a difference saw Kendal Brownies go shopping at Sainsbury’s for the local foodbank.

Thirty girls from 8th Kendal Brownies were given a budget of £10 per group of six, a calculator and a clipboard, and worked hard to buy as much food as possible.

“Part of the promise that every Brownie makes is about serving the community so we wanted to do something that genuinely helped the community," said Becky Flight, assistant leader with 8th Kendal Brownies.

"Having played around with a few ideas about how we could support the local foodbank, we decided it would have more of an impact for the girls if they were involved in purchasing the food themselves and therefore gain an understanding of the price of food and what food is suitable for the foodbanks.

"Now more than ever is it really important to support our local foodbank charities.”

Ruby Whittaker, 9, clearly gained important insights during the visit.

“It was really important what we did because it helped people who don’t have enough food like we do, or can’t afford to buy it," she said. "What we do makes a positive difference to other people in a positive way and that is really good."

Foodbanks are worried about donations in the current coronavirus emergency and would welcome any help.