Three Kendal sisters have spent lockdown and their school holidays picking up litter in the town centre.

In their attempt to help the environment, Lola Walker, eight, Jessica Clarke, six, and Nicole Clarke, four, decided to go out litter picking after watching a Netflix TV series.

The girls’ mother, Jennifer Klinner, explained that Down to Earth with Zac Efron served as their inspiration.

She said: “At the start of lockdown we were watching the Netflix series Down to Earth.

“In one episode that the girls saw they became aware of the plastic that people throw into the sea and that this causes harm to animals.

“After watching it the girls decided that they wanted to do something useful and help the environment.

“During lockdown they were allowed to go outside only once a day and they decided that they wanted to go and pick up litter by the river.”

Accompanied by their parents, Lola, Jessica and Nicole picked up people’s rubbish around Kendal’s Sandylands area and the River Kent.

Jennifer said her daughters decided to do it by themselves.

She said: “I think the girls deserve so much praise for showing their own initiative.

“They decided themselves that they wanted to help the environment and animals.

“It is brilliant what they have done.”