A KENDAL school worker has recorded almost two years of her life in Cumbria through a daily online photo journal.

Becky Willoughby, of Blackthorn Close, has uploaded a photograph to ‘Blipfoto’ every day since she moved to the county from Hastings in July 2010.

The website is advertised as ‘an extraordinary community of everyday people, who take and publish one photo a day’.

It also warns that ‘blipping’ can become an addictive hobby, which the Queen Katherine School receptionist agrees with.

“I now sometimes see things and think it would make a good blip,” she said. “It’s highly addictive – I even managed to backdate photos from when I went on holiday, to make sure I didn’t miss a day. Since I started I have only missed one, which was when I moved house.”

Mrs Willoughby’s photos have featured the beautiful scenery of South Lakeland, various colourful flowers, Prince Charles’ visit to Staveley, and her daughters who are aged five and eight.

But she said that there had also had to be some more mundane examples, as finding and recording something every day was a challenge.

“Some are not wonderful but they are there to keep the numbers up. On the other hand, it can also be difficult to choose just one, when I have taken 192 a day like I did once.”

Despite the dilemmas, the 41-year-old said there were many benefits to ‘blipping’.

“It makes you look around and appreciate what’s there,” she said. “It’s gorgeous up here and it’s nice to capture the beauty and share it with others.

“My photography has improved and my children have also become interested in it.”

And it seems that there are more and more people from the area getting into the daily documentation of memories.

Mrs Willoughby said there was a real sense of community among Blipfoto users.

“I get an average of 120 views from each photo and I have 55 subscribers to my account. You get to become friendly with people and it’s nice to see what they’re up to.”