STUDENTS at Queen Elizabeth School were hailed for their ‘performance, perseverance and participation’ during exams when they attended the Kirkby Lonsdale school’s annual prize giving evening.

Head boy Michael Harkness and head girl Sasha Cotton both praised this year’s leavers for their dedication to getting the most out of school, before the awards were handed out for those who excelled in subjects right across the board.


“I doubt even the most studious and erudite student can say they look back on their exams with fondness,” said Michael.

“So the fact that you are here today, showing that when doing your exams you not only managed to survive, which is hard enough, but that you also succeeded, is all the more significant.

“And so today we’re here to acknowledge the work and effort that went into that academic success and congratulate each of you for ultimately achieving your best.”

The pair also praised the school for giving its students a ‘grounding’ for life.

“Undeniably QES has influenced us all, and on one level this is reflected in the grades achieved this year,” said Sasha. “School fills an important time in our lives, it is a place of stability and certainty; a dependable place that remains the same though the people within it grow.

“The experience gained is one that encompasses many different aspects, an education that attempts to prepare you for the wide world, at home or abroad.”

Chairman of Governors Fenner Pearson also paid tribute to parents, staff and governors for helping students to achieve so highly.