EX-FOOTBALLER and TV personality, Ian Wright, recently broke down on national television talking about how one of his teachers changed his life, crediting him for his success story.

Such is the power and influence of teaching, it can enrich, inspire and focus young lives. A good teacher sometimes being the difference between a child that excels and one that falls through the cracks. Can you imagine being the one that has such a positive impact on someone’s life?

If you are considering studying for a degree in Primary Education, you must have already thought about the impact you could have on a young mind.

Maybe you’re a parent yourself and have seen, first-hand, how young children learn from adults both academically and behaviourally, or how they mimic adults and other children, retain information, work things out, and how that leads to them thinking for themselves.

The Westmorland Gazette:

When you consider just how much time children spend in school, it’s easy to see why, other than parents, teachers are the most influential people in a child’s life. As a teacher, you are not just teaching children. Sitting in your classroom today are the entrepreneurs, innovators and craftsmen and women of tomorrow.

The University of Cumbria’s teacher training programme will equip you to be the sort of teacher that a child will remember, and will provide you with great career opportunities. If you already have a degree, you can train to become a qualified teacher in just one year through the University of Cumbria’s PGCE with Qualified Teaching Status (QTS) course.

On the PGCE programme, you’ll learn through hands-on placements, working in real schools, complemented by lectures at the University, or at one of the School Direct Partners.

There are many good reasons for training – or retraining – as a Primary School teacher. From great job and career prospects, to a good starting salary, there are plenty of financial and professional perks to the career and no two days are the same when you work with children. No-one’s saying it’s easy, but there is a higher level of job satisfaction in teaching, more than in many other occupations.

Young children are fun to be with. They constantly surprise, and you could be providing the spark that sets them on their future path. There aren’t many jobs where individuals can have such a profound impact on the future generation.

Don’t just think about a career in teaching – talk to us and make it a reality.

Funding is available at different levels, with extra support if you are a parent, have a dependent, or a disability. The University also offers an array of bursary and scholarships for PGCE and teacher training.

Teaching is a challenging profession, but you will be well-equipped to get the most out of yourself and your pupils, with a teaching degree from the University of Cumbria.

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The Westmorland Gazette: