100 YEARS AGO -1918

Since Saturday a shortage of the milk supply has been experienced at Kirkby Stephen owing to the action of one of the principal retailers who lives some distance from the town discontinuing, on very short notice, to deliver milk. A special meeting of the National Railwaymen’s Union was summoned and the situation was drawn to the attention of the local Food Control Committee.

50 YEARS AGO - 1968

The introduction of the breathalyser, the fact New Year’s Eve fell on a Sunday and treacherous road conditions meant that the New Year was given a quieter welcome in Westmorland than has been the case in recent years.

25 YEARS AGO - 1993

A vicar got hot under the collar when his surplice went up in flames in the middle of a sermon. The Rev Canon John Hunter got all fired up after the sleeve of his fine vestment caught a naked candle flame at St John’s Parish Church, Low Bentham.