Eggs have been thrown at a van as it arrived at a Tommy Robinson election campaign event in Merseyside.

Counter-demonstrators attempted to block the van, part of Mr Robinson’s European elections campaign team, as it arrived on Douglas Place in Bootle.

Police officers moved demonstrators who were sitting in the road as Robinson supporters watched and chanted at them.

Eggs hit the windscreen of the van and a bottle of what appeared to be milkshake was thrown as scuffles broke out between demonstrators and police.

Robinson supporters and counter-protesters gathered in Bootle ahead of the campaigner’s planned visit.

About 50 police officers were on the scene and used powers under the Public Order Act to separate the two sets of demonstrators.

Anti-Tommy Robinson protesters attempt to block a campaign van arriving on Douglas Place in Bootle, Merseyside
Anti-Tommy Robinson protesters attempt to block a campaign van arriving on Douglas Place in Bootle (Eleanor Barlow/PA)

Robinson supporters chanted: “Tommy’s going to be your MEP.”

Counter-demonstrators held placards saying: “Oppose Tommy Robinson, don’t let the racists divide us.”

When Mr Robinson arrived, he walked in through the back of the cul-de-sac, escorted by police officers.

He was greeted by cheers from his own supporters while counter-protesters booed and shouted “fascist scum”.

Mr Robinson spent about an hour at the event addressing his supporters, before being escorted away by police.

Officers, including a number of dog handlers, stepped in to separate demonstrators on nearby Derby Road after Mr Robinson left.

Bootle MP Peter Dowd was among the counter-demonstrators.

He wrote on Twitter: “Stephen Yaxley-Lennon aka fascist Tommy Robinson isn’t wanted in Bootle. Don’t bother coming here.”

The event comes the day after two police vehicles were damaged during a disturbance at a campaign event in Limeside, Oldham.

Mr Robinson is campaigning for the European elections, in which he is standing as a candidate for the North West.

Voting in the election takes place on Thursday, while counting starts on May 26.