This week residents of Wrexham have been surprised and shocked to see a Hollywood sign erected on a slag heap just off the A483. 

While many have laughed at its sudden appearance, others have been questioning where it came from. Rumours across social media are rife, from Ryan Reynolds to the local council, even Wrexham AFC has been given the blame. But the consensus is still out, so who did erect this sign?

Many seem to believe this act has come from actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney who bought Wrexham AFC just last year. In a meeting with fans in November, Reynolds claimed he wanted to make the club a “global force”, so could this Wrexham monument be part of his plan?

Twitter speculation seems to lean towards this theory, claiming it is a PR stunt from the two actors.

However, the football club and its new owners have claimed it has nothing to do with them, as has anyone who has been accused. Even Wrexham council claim it is nothing to do with them.

Wrexham resident, Michael Roberts, told The Leader he witnessed the sign being put up.

"There were about six lads putting the sign up. They were in a white 4x4.

“Whoever has done it has put a lot of effort into it and must have had permission to get through the gate at the back of the slag heap.”

While the mystery may remain, speculation is still ongoing as to who donned Wrexham the new Hollywood.