I was saddened by Louise Broughton’s letter concerning the NHS (November 9, ‘Privatise the health service), but heartened by Jean Wood’s splendid letter the following week, which is more in line with my own experience.

My wife recently spent two weeks as a patient in Ward 36 of the Royal Lancaster Infirmary, where I saw her for five hours every day. I, therefore, had plenty of time to appreciate the tireless and dedicated work carried out by the surgeons, doctors and nurses there. Their task was so much more difficult because my wife has a dementia and the only way she can communicate her pain, fear and distress is by screaming as long and loudly as she can. Well, she certainly communicated, but not one moan or complaint from the staff. I am so full of admiration and gratitude to these ‘Angels of the North’.

May I also thank the patients in the ward at that time for their patience and tolerance, especially during those long sleepless nights.

God bless the NHS, improve it but don’t change it.

Trevor C. Smith

Kents Bank