THE report on page three spread of The Westmorland Gazette, November 16 edition ('Potter fans hopping mad over film trailer') on the new trailer for the up and coming Peter Rabbit Movie was a blow for the overall promotion of film in the Lake District.

Instead of focusing on the potential benefits a major Hollywood release could bring to the area, it chose to give prominence to a host of detrimental remarks from unnamed YouTube viewers.

After all, they are seeking to judge the film on just a two-minute clip. Perhaps they could have paid more attention to the taglines: 'Born to Be Wild' and 'You Think You Know Him? Well... Think Again'.

It is quite obvious the main production companies behind the movie (Sony Pictures Animation and Columbia Pictures) are trying to beef up the more rebellious side of Peter Rabbit's original character.

On their posters and press releases they have labelled it as an, 'irreverent, contemporary comedy with attitude'.

Like a lot of films released it is only based on an original story. All of the declarations of outrage with either a legacy or a childhood in ruins, are clearly being over dramatic and perhaps even a touch premature. Surely you can only criticise a film properly after you have seen it the whole way through?

When the hugely successful 2006 film Miss Potter was released, many dissenting voices tried to pour scorn over that in a similar fashion, declaring the movie 'twee, dull or Disney-esque'.

Some even said it wouldn't appeal to either children or adults.

Yet the film is thought to have been responsible for a huge influx of tourists to the Lake District at a time when the areas economy was in dire need of a pick me up.

Whether this film turns out to be carrot fodder or a bouncing success, the fact a major Hollywood production elected to shoot scenes in the heart of the Lakes should be a cause for celebration.

It is rather sad that the predictable over zealous views of a negative pack mentality, appear to make more colourful copy.

David Banning

Troutbeck Bridge