I AM looking for some further information about a lady called Annie, who ran the Ulverston Post office more than 50 years or so ago.

I am the daughter of a member of the Charnley family - my mum and lots of her relatives are buried at Ulverston - and I believe Annie may also have been part of that family. However, without a surname, it is difficult to find out much more about her.

It is possible she might have been a McGuire or a Johanson and married into the Charnley family.

My mother's father was called James Charnley and he and his brother and quite a few sisters lived at Sunny Bank, a picture perfect home next to a mill. I think the house is a hotel now but back a few decades ago it was used for a commune type residence!

A good friend of mine in Canada says Anne's mother's family were Charnleys but we wonder if that is true.

If anyone can provide me with further information about Annie I can be contacted at the address below or by email at debbie444williams@gmail.com

Debbie Williams

13 Coronation Avenue

Rothwell Northamptonshire

NN14 6DG