WHERE can young mums and dads take their small children on a wet day in Kendal? While the library, the drop-in centre and the leisure centre provide great programmes, there is nowhere that is informal, continuous throughout the day, and easy to access.

But there is a need for such an inside fun play area. Research undertaken by the community organisation ‘Outside In’ has indicated a strong demand for this facility.

In response to the perceived need, South Lakeland District Council and Outside In are combining forces. We would like to invite interested individuals and other community groups to come to a public meeting on January 9 in the Assembly room of the town hall at Kendal at 7pm to get this started.

If you are interested, please come along to what will hopefully be a very productive meeting.

Mhairi Helme of Outside In

Giles Archibald, leader of South Lakeland District Council