I WOULD like to thank proprietors Steve and Karen Thompson and their staff for caring response to an emergency on New Year's Eve.

While about to sit down at The Gateway Inn, Crook Road, my 90-year-old father, fell heavily and gashed his head on a table.

Being New Year's Eve, the ambulance service could not get to the restaurant near the Plumgarths roundabout for 45 minutes.

Steve, Karen and an off-duty nurse Bridget, who interrupted her family meal, gave first aid care and reassurance during that wait for my father while he lay on the floor with a head wound.

Thank you Gateway Inn for your caring and patient support - nothing seemed any trouble to you. As for the paramedic who attended (sorry I never did get your name) and Bridget, the off-duty nurse for your skilful response, you both epitomised all that is good about our UK nursing and emergency response profession.

I'm happy to say Henry is recovering well.

We never did get the meal, because of leaving to attend for further NHS treatment, but we were able to return a week later - and believe me the food and service at The Gateway Inn was superb.

Carole Richards