NOW that the trees are bare and the hedges exposed, the amount of litter in our county is revealed.

Litter is not just unsightly. Litter is dangerous to livestock and wildlife, as curious animals may eat rubbish and be injured. Discarded tins shining in the light of headlamps may be a distraction to drivers.

While the A592 is closed, is there an opportunity for the council to clear the litter from the road, while it is free of traffic?

Please would everyone just clear a little bit of litter, locally or while you are out and about, if it is safe and legal to do so?

To those using the Newby Bridge to Brathay via Hawkshead road, would you please discard your coffee cup and orange drink bottle at your destination and not in the hedge.

Now on the subject of poo bags - make your dog proud of you and dispose of the poo bag thoughtfully.

This is our home. If we all do a little, it would add up to a cleaner, safer, more beautiful county for us all to enjoy.

M. Whiteley