THAT a Northern Relief Road would help ease congestion in Kendal following blockage of the M6 is clear, but that is arguably the sole benefit it would bring to the town.

Is it really sensible to propose spending £50m on an intrusive and damaging white elephant to avoid a rare inconvenience?

Would any businessman in his right mind develop a facility dependent upon 'haulage' in an area some twelve miles from the M6 when Penrith, Junction 36, Carnforth and Lancaster offer instant access to that artery?

Please let us forget the fantasy of turning Kendal into a centre for light industry/warehousing and let's play to this attractive market town's traditional strengths and go all out to attract enterprises; creative, high-tech, clerical, etc - such as will bring 'high-value' jobs to the town and, in doing so boost the local economy at little or no cost to the environment.

Let us not allow the hysteria surrounding this particular incident to promote what would prove to be a damaging and pointless development.

The simple question our leaders should be asking in this matter, is why it took ten hours to clear an overturned lorry and its load of non-hazardous material.

John Shiels