Unlike Sheila Gordon (Letters, January 18, 'Screams and shout fears'), I live in the Lake District and, like Sheila Gordon, I too love it.

But is there not one objector to the Thirlmere zip wire scheme who does not repeat the 'peace and tranquility' cliché.

Has nobody noticed that a busy A road runs along the eastern shore of Thirlmere? Admittedly the immediate environs of the reservoir have improved in recent years due to the felling of imported conifers but Thirlmere is not a place I have ever considered heading for in search of peace and tranquility.

I would speculate that one is more likely to hear a passing motorbike from the summit of Helvellyn than somebody enjoying a ride on a zip wire. The likelihood of hearing either, I suspect, is minute.

April this year will usher in my 70th birthday and I would love to try my first zip wire ride over Thirlmere, should the scheme go ahead. It will have absolutely no effect on my ability to find peace and tranquility in the Lake District.

David Snaith