I read the podium column by Carl Lis, the chairman of the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority (Gazette, January 25, 'Action is needed to curb second homes in the Dales').

I and many others I speak to daily wholeheartedly agree with the concerns raised over second home ownership.

Though raising council tax to five times the norm will have some negative reactions from those affected I would ask how Carl and the YDNPA would spend or be allowed to spend any additional revenue.

Would Eden District Council or the government end up taking the additional revenue before the park authorities could put the funds to good use?

The real issue in the national parks is that young, working-aged people who had the school bus access to local towns and schools cannot get out of their villages once they are of working ages.

They cannot afford car insurance and there is no bus infrastructure.

Why not invest in a Scottish Postbus system to give the young access to work?

It’s all very well the park authorities saying they want to attract resilient people to the area and give them internet access, but the real problem is lack of investment in rural transportation.

The challenge after they have achieved all this and been awarded funds is what happens when the second home owners (who can afford a second home and should therefore have the money to pay for the privilege) find a loop hole and 'rent' the houses out?

The park authorities also need to look at their poor planning record and look to allow small hamlets and villages small sustainable developments so their villages don’t die.

Crosby Garrett, which now lies within the Yorkshire Dales National Park, has many holiday and second homes. Allow small growth with local occupancy restrictions so village people can stay where they were born.

Stuart Saunders

LANTRA drystone waller

Crosby Garrett