HOW many Kendalians and people from surrounding areas who regularly visit Kendal travel by bike?

One recent sunny morning at 7am myself and a friend set off along the beautifully laid cyclepath from Oxenholme down Natland Road heading towards Kendal.

We sauntered along; enjoying everything. Mindfulness prevailing, we laughed, peddled, smiled and chatted to friends and passers-by.

Coffee time came early at 8.45am. We sat on the newly placed circular seat in Market Place with our coffee/tea, bacon/sausage roll, and put our bikes down.

But there lies the problem! Nowhere within view was even one bike rest (or two or three as there are by Waterside Cafe).

Feeling guilty that bikes were in the way, resting on seats made for sitting on, we kept apologising.

However, after sustaining ourselves, we had a thought: let's speak to South Lakeland District Council.

We cycled to the SLDC office and, taking our bikes in with us,, poke to a lady about our concerns and asked who to contact for some answers.

Our question was: "With all the money spent on cycle paths and Market Place 'enhancements' (£200,000 comes to mind), why are there no cycle racks or posts (such as those at the Waterside cafe) in Market Place? It is a p perfect location to cycle to, have a coffee, ;enjoy a bacon butty and socialise etc."

The receptionist was very pleasant and after consulting wit A.N. Other behind a closed door, could only refer us to another department in the town hall. Dutifully we knocked on the appropriate door there and walked in. But, no, another helpful lady told us that it wasn't her department either.

SLDC and Cumbria County Council - would you please install cycle posts/racks, whichever is convenient, in Market Place, as soon as possible?

It would be affirming to hear from other users, for example, individuals, cycle groups, Green Party representatives about what they think.

Dawn Langford