I am researching my maternal grandmother's family. The family name is Birkett and they came from Kendal.

I would be interested to make contact with descendants of John Birkett, my great grandfather (1855-1946), was born in Kendal o parents Edward Birkett (1815-1874) and Isabella Airey (1812-1865).

Edward's parents were Thomas Birkett (1776-1866) and Mary (Mally) Hutton (1781-1882). Isabella’s parents were William Airey (1791-1873) and Martha Burrill (1796-1847).

William Airey's parents were Charles Airey and Agnes Hobson, who married in Burton- in- Kendal.

John was baptised and Edward and Isabella, Thomas and Mally, along with William and Martha, were all married at Holy Trinity Church at Kendal.

John Birkett emigrated to South Australia as a 20-year-old on the Erata Sailing Ship, leaving London on August 8, 1876 and arriving at Port Adelaide on November 13, 1876. He worked as a farm labourer in the Pt Gawler area, where he met Mary Matilda Shutter, whom he married in 1878.

Together they had 14 children, of whom nine survived. Eight of the nine married. Today five of the nine have surviving descendants.

My maternal grandmother Flossie Birkett was John and Mary Matilda's eighth child. Flossie married and she and Adolph raised their family on a farm at Daveyston, which is in the Barossa Valley in South Australia.

I would be interested in making contact with any of John Birkett's ancestors through anneford8@gmail.com

Anne Ford