In response to young people ignoring social distancing advice, New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, said: “These pictures of young people, these videos of young people saying - “This is my spring break. I’m out to party; this is my time to party.” - this is so unintelligent and reckless, I can’t even begin to express it.”

Then, in Scotland, police have used emergency orders to close pubs that defied the advice to close.

And, with masses of people descending on Glencoe to go skiing, resident, Niall McLean said: “I don’t know what people are thinking. But I think a realisation has to sink in that there’s a different way of being . . . It makes me really angry that people have travelled (driven) into our community unnecessarily.

If people continue to ignore social distancing advice (at least two metres apart) Boris Johnson has threatened to enforce it.

What he should also enforce is zero tolerance of lawless driving/parking. When people drive at excessive/inappropriate speed, (forever braking) they can use as much as 30 per cent more fuel and produce far more pollution, than people who respect speed limits and drive a (socially) safe distance from the vehicle in front, i.e. a second for thinking and a second for braking.

Isn’t the UKs reckless/selfish/unnecessary driving mentality, much the same as panic buying/partying?

That is, taking more than a fair share - “I’m alright Jack.”

Also, drivers who ignore disabled and parent/child parking bay restrictions; park in cycle lanes and drive ‘unnecessarily’ big cars, are also taking more than their fair share!

With total lockdown, elderly people who are fit enough to walk and cycle - to stop them ‘seizing-up’, and being driven insane - will lose out, and children will lose their childhood!

Hence, isn’t zero tolerance of lawless (senseless/selfish) driving/parking common sense?

Allan Ramsay