The Gazette ran a story (March 5) about a barrister killing a fox with a baseball bat, trapped in a net in his back garden.

The barrister will not be prosecuted because 'the fox did not suffer'.

The RSPCA said 'independent experts - a veterinary pathologist and forensic vet had investigated into the killing'.

Three weeks ago on opening the curtains to a lovely sunny morning, there were bodies scattered all over our lawn.

Koi carp, all 15 dead from our pond.

The culprit was an otter, who like the fox (with chickens) does not eat them.

The fish were huge, over 25 years old and worth a lot of money.

We have never had any predators in all the many years we have lived here.

In the paper, a fishery boss who shot an otter dead for eating his carp worth (he says) £40,000 each (I think he is a bit high there).

Some fishermen had caught it in a net and called the fishery owner and to the fishermen's horror he shot the otter dead.

I felt sorry for the way the otter died.

The thing is, did the otter suffer or not?

The difference between the two stories in the newspaper is the fisherman (boss) who shot the otter was jailed for two months! The barrister got off.

The Eurasion otters were on the verge of extinction and were re-introduced in 1980. They are classed as near threatened now. Apparently the otter will travel miles looking for a mate, this time of the year.

The River Kent is not far away from our village, so the otters have found a home there.

If you are reading this 'Mr Otter' we are not re-stocking our pond - I know you are a protected wild animal and very cute, but not a fisherman's friend.

Dorinda Mackereth