WE find ourselves writing this in uncertain times.

The past two weeks have seen all of us have to change our lifestyles dramatically and come together as one.

Every area of our lives has been turned upside down and for the first time in living memory many families have had to consider what life would be like if they didn’t have enough food to eat.

Thankfully, the brilliant people working hard to keep producing and delivering the food we need have come to the fore and there is more than enough food for us all as long as we are careful with our buying choices.

However, for 4.1m UK children living in poverty, this is not the case and their reality is that they go hungry every day they’re not at school.

This malnourishment risks long-term physical and mental health difficulties including poor growth, diabetes, mood swings and lowered immune systems. Not to mention reduced learning capabilities simply because of being hungry.

The ongoing crisis we find ourselves in now means that these kids are facing the prospect of being off school for a very long time. Where is their next meal coming from?

Children will be going hungry in your area today and local schools are doing what they can but we can all do more to help.

Around the country Oasis UK’s PLATE UP campaign helps the most vulnerable children get nourishing healthy meals when schools are closed and learn valuable cooking skills to support their families in future.

These children need us all more than ever, and there is a way to help.

As supporters of PLATE UP, we are urging your readers to stand with us and donate £5 to help feed two hungry children during these difficult times, by texting PLATEUP to 70085.

This is such an unprecedented time but, if your readers are fortunate enough to be able to help, their donation will make a big difference to children who desperately need it.

There is no place for hunger. Please join us in fighting to end food poverty.

You can find out more by visiting plateup.org.

We wish you and all your readers the best of health.

Nadiya Hussain & Rosemary Shrager

C/O Plate Up, 1 Kennington Road, London