EVEN though I consider the majority of the letters sent in by the IAM to be a waste of space (having spent a lifetime of instructing motorcyclists and car drivers I have a professional interest so always scan them) this week (Gazette, March 26) really takes the biscuit when I am sat in my garden under a blazing sun and Mr Gladman is blethering on about wet weather driving!

I think the IAM would be better employed by championing the driving misnomers that Allan Ramsay wrote on this week which is one of non enforcement in the same way as it is with people dropping litter.

I assumed that the Gazette used the wise words of the IAM to fill space.

I was shocked to read your report about vandalising a visitors car in Coniston as one cannot condone such actions (it probably would have been better to write on the windscreen so the visitor would have had to read it all the way home).

People do really need to realise what we are up against with this pandemic.

It is not only in Coniston as earlier this week people from Lancashire were seen walking through farmland in Orton close enough to speak with the farmer who was lambing!

What do people think staying at home means?

Of course if we had not had all the cutbacks that our government has applied over the past too many years this incident would have been dealt with by the local bobby.

I wonder if any of our politicians over the time of cutbacks will have any conscience about all the deaths, of patients and workers, that we will see in the next three months. I doubt it.

Robert Wilson

Undercliff Road