WHAT or who tells BBC, C4, ITV to say nothing about Cuba’s enormous - in per capita terms - and constructive contribution to the current COVID-19 pandemic?

Yet again, the BBC News at 1pm today reported on British flights to Peru, on developments in UK, USA, Spain and Italy....but nothing about Cuba. Why not?

BBC mandate is to educate and inform with balance.

UK’s public service broadcasters repeat HMG statements of “we’re all in it together” and “this is not ideological”... really?

If so, why ignore a small country that has trained many, many medical staff across South America and Africa continents; has sent 50+ doctors to Italy; was one of the first nations to respond to the Ebola outbreak; has developed interferon drugs that could assist CV-19 treatment?

With this poverty of interest and reporting, why should I not think UK’s public service broadcasters are under instruction to keep quiet about Cuba? Could it be this pandemic has revealed the absurdity of UK government policy, while Cuba’s long term health policy is so obviously exemplary?

Ah but!...we’re told “this is not ideological” and “we’re all in it together” which are yet more simplistic little catchphrases - catchphrases that, by saying them, admit the opposite to be the case.

Ideology is involved and some in our society are profiteering at the expense of our Commonwealth.

Robin Le Mare

Laburnum House

The Square