Re: 'Why is this haven shut?' in Letters, April 23

As a regular dog walker around the Miller ground/Adelaide Hill area I felt a response was necessary to the letter printed.

I saw what I feel sure was the cause of the locked gates when I came across the remnants of a barbecue early one morning at the foot of the Adelaide Hill area and it was very upsetting - the area littered with cartons, bottles, paper bags & cardboard etc.

Even packets of unopened bread rolls were discarded.

Large stones had been taken off the wall to form a cooking area.

I returned next morning armed with bin bags and found the area had been thoroughly cleared, the stones replaced with just the burnt out area now visible!

However later that day the locks appeared and even as a regular visitor I genuinely could not object to this action.

A farmer's work is hard enough these days but unfortunately the irresponsible few will always spoil it for the majority.

PS some locks have since been removed.

Clare Bonson

Field Garth

Birthwaite Road