TREES bordering the River Kent are a reminder of how vital they are to our wellbeing.

The blossom in full bloom is spectacular and the diverse range of many, some ancient and magnificent, now bursting into life with fresh young leaves offering birds and wildlife a home, and shelter from hot sun.

A reminder in this difficult time, that nature continues to bring us hope and joy.

I trust the ridiculous idea that these trees are due to be slaughtered, will be abandoned when the “experts” realise their plans are nothing short of criminal.

Apart from ruining this welcome awakening, these trees play a vital role in absorbing flood water into their root systems, and at last, their unique ability to soak up climate warming carbons in the atmosphere has been recognised.

We cannot allow the heart of Kendal to be ripped out by those who clearly have no understanding of the true value of these trees.

Jill Deane

Stable Cottage