THE picture (Westmorland Gazette, April 30) of ducklings on the Kent prompts me to tell of my observations.

I think the gulls are taking most of the ducklings.l haven’t actually seen them, BUT the other day I saw a family of eight tiny ducklings just upstream from Victoria Bridge.

Also on the water nearby were a lot of gulls. A quarter of an hour later as I walked back, no ducklings and no gulls.

I have seen them wheeling and swooping round and calling near to duck families but have not waited to see the outcome. But there are very few ducklings left on this stretch of river.

At the beginning of the year the ratio of ducks was about eight drakes to every one female, which was not a promising start for the breeding season.

My observations are only for the stretch of river from the weir up to the footbridge and I would be interested to hear if anyone has actually seen the gulls taking ducklings.

Obviously all birds have been struggling to find food during this unprecedented drought but it is sad to see this slaughter.

That’s nature for you.

Mrs ME van Rees

21 Wainwright Court

Webb View