I am concerned about the article 'Why would you come?' (May 21).

I wrote to my District Councillor recently to express my concern about the absence of any publicly available toilets in Kendal at the present time.

The problem clearly exists in other areas.

Mrs Hartley is quoted as saying: “She can't be living locally if she's having to do that, one would imagine."

I would suggest a different scenario. The lady lives in Ings and has travelled by bus to Windermere.

The main bus service in our area, the 555, currently has a frequency of one bus every two hours.

For example, a northbound bus arrives in Windermere at 10.04. There is a southbound bus which departs at 10:38. The following bus is at 12:38.

Any passenger who cannot complete her shopping, including queuing to enter the store and at the tills, within half an hour must spend two-and-a-hal hours in Windermere, and over three hours away from home.

What provision is made for the homeless, or for those who need to use toilets more frequently because of medical conditions?

The provision of good public sanitation in the 19th century eliminated cholera and various other diseases in all but very rare cases. Now is not the time to re-introduce them.

For all these reasons, toilet provision in town centres is a necessity.

S W Shaw