Through your paper would it be at all possible to include a small piece in our attempt to try and find some information about a Robin Cutforth who was previously of the South Lakeland area?

In 1969 Robin started the ‘Cumbrian Weather Report’ and which is still going strong today. This was a monthly report concerning that month’s weather in Cumbria and brought together data from various sites within the county.

It was mainly circulated amongst keen weather watchers/observers, libraries and academic institutions, this still been the case today, but which is now available on-line at

A small group of us are now planning to bring all those monthly reports together in one publication and which will include accounts of the principal weather events in the last 50 years.

However, any publication would not be complete without something of the person who started it all off .

What we do know (believe) is that Robin was a geography teacher, possibly in Ambleside and with his wife, Sarah, lived at Far Sawrey where his family had been based.

They have three children who may now be in Edinburgh.

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Darren Rogers

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