Having lived in this area for many years, I am aware of most of our local walks and open spaces.

Probably one of the best walks, less than a mile from where I live, is Scout Scar.

Given we can't all walk around the streets of Kendal for our exercise and in the spirit of the rules 'on our doorstep', why did someone take it upon themselves, and with what right, to block the car park with hay bales?

Many locals go to Scout Scar and there is more space here than the usual around the town walks, much easier for social distancing.

My question also applies to High Dam near Newby Bridge. Many locals could go there to exercise too.

At the RSPB Bird Observatory in Brigsteer Woods the gate is locked and chained. By whose authority is this permitted? It's nesting time right now and a lovely place for quiet observation.

Surely if the 2m rule is applied and hand washing done, all these places could be open to locals.

Philip Claxton