Only a few weeks ago our so-called Prime Minister came out of hospital with fulsome praise for the people who saved his life (his words).

He will be a changed man, they all said. He will never be the same again, they said.

His life was saved by immigrants, one from New Zealand, the other from Portugal (an EU country - how shameful to be saved by freedom of movement!)

Yesterday, Johnson refused to remove the swingeing taxes which PM May imposed as part of the hostile environment being created for immigrants.

It is hard to believe that this country thinks it fair and proportionate to demand special surcharges to be paid by vital workers just because they are not UK citizens.

After all, these people are already subject to the same taxes as you and me.

It is beyond satire and irony that the very people who are keeping the NHS afloat and saving lives by their loyalty and commitment (not to mention sheer bravery which one couldn't imagine the PM ever showing) are having to pay extra taxes IN CASE THEY NEED TO USE THE NHS!

And Johnson’s reasons for maintaining this ludicrous situation? It raises quite a lot of money.

Johnson a changed man? No, just same old same old …

Roger Wilkinson

Birdcage Cottage