The lockdown has yet again shown just how short sighted public bodies are and how they don't think through consequences.

The public toilets are just one example. These essential facilities were saved from closure by Bowness and Windermere Community Care Trust to serve not just visitors but the local population.

It was acknowledged at the time by the trust that no public toilets would without a doubt lead to public health issues (namely urinating in public places).

This is exactly what has happened! Why then close them?

The need still exists. If payment is a problem then provide them free of charge during lockdown; safety of cleaners is not an issue - just close the toilets whilst they are being cleaned.

Two other examples of this short sightedness.

SLDC ceased green bin collection.

What happened, surprise surprise, an increase in polluting bonfires! Totally predictable.

Then we have CCC closing household waste tips.

What happened, once again surprise surprise, an increase in fly tipping.

Totally predictable and costs the council tax payer money

When will they learn?!

David Thomas

Bowness on Windermere