In the May 21 edition of the Westmorland Gazette a picture of a woman being ‘caught short’ in Bowness was printed.

In my opinion it was ill-considered to print such a picture without understanding exactly why this person felt the need to relieve herself in a public place.

Assumptions were made that she was a visitor who had arrived in Bowness to find that the facilities were closed and in desperation relieved herself in the street.

Other assumptions were made such as her not being local and that she must have travelled a long way.

This indeed may be so but the truth is that we do not know why she behaved in this way.

There is every possibility that this person may have a bladder problem and with the lack of open public facilities, cafes and hotels at the moment she may have had no option.

Whatever the reason for this happening, publishing a photograph of a woman in such a compromising position is inappropriate and regrettable.

Alison Crumbie

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