Dominic Cummings' press conference on May 25 raises more questions which should have been put to him by the journalists present.

Before his journey he said that nobody in London was available for childcare, yet later in the interview twice talks about returning to work and seeking childcare or employing childcare.

He was not queried about this.

He also said his sister and nieces had volunteered for childcare.

By his own admission his nieces are old enough for childcare but young enough to be in the safest category. Would not the safest option have been for his relatives to travel to London for child care purposes rather than risk two adults, possibly infected with the virus, making a journey of over 250 miles with a small child?

He was not asked about his journeys and any risks that members of the public were exposed to by him making the journeys(did they make stops for fuel, toilets, refreshments?)

He said they made a short journey to test if he could safely drive home.

During this "test" he admits to feeling sick and sitting by a river - clearly the conclusion of the test showed that there was a risk in making a longer journey.

He also said this was to test his eyesight. Really? If so again he was placing people at risk by doing this test on public roads.

Watching this press conference and the previous day's briefing (May 24) by the Prime Minister made me feel angry and that we are being taken for mugs. Indeed it is a slap in the face for people who have made heartbreaking sacrifices to help contain this virus.

What also makes me feel angry is that the journalists did not scrutinise Dominic Cummins' statement and ask the relevant questions.

If we do not hold our politicians and their advisers to account democracy is a sham.

Barry Norman(Cumbrian Exile)