I was very disappointed to see the article about this lady (May 21, 'Why Would You Come?' and even more disappointed when I read the comments made by Julie Hartley, the Clerk to the Town Council.

First of all there is the assumption that this lady had an alternative choice (to go to the toilet in public). I can assure you and all your readers that there are thousands of people with chronic medical conditions who have very little warning of their impending need to use a toilet.

In these extremely difficult times what are these unfortunate people expected to do?

Goodness knows this lockdown has been bad enough without having to worry that you might not be able to get back to a loo in time if you venture out for essential shopping.

How many times have we all seen men relieving themselves in public....would Ms Hartley have made the same unkind comments if this had been a man?

I don’t know the answer to that but I do know that more kindness and generosity of spirit from journalists and public officials would be very welcome, particularly at the moment.

Suzy Phillips

Bootbinders Road