The rationale for the coal mine in West Cumbria has been explained many times (also in this column) and it is very disappointing to hear that Extinction Rebellion are still protesting (Gazette, June 11 'Heads in the sand’ protest and letters 'Coal mine rallying cry').

Briefly, we have to have some coal for processes (like steel making) which cannot be carried out otherwise.

We currently import a considerable tonnage of coal from, for example. Poland and Columbia.

It can only be a good thing to mine it ourselves.

It gives jobs, saves the carbon emissions associated with transport, not to mention our money which goes abroad.

In a similar protesting vein we saw (Gazette, June 4) a letter entitled 'Spend on NHS not weapons'.

This would not be wise in a world where we see confrontation rising everywhere: huge areas of the Middle East are devastated, Russia is pursuing a policy of annexation of neighbours and China is rapidly expanding its military, behaving aggressively in the South China Sea and showing signs of a desire for global hegemony.

No, disarmament is a recipe for disaster.

Kent Brooks