Whilst in Ulverston on Friday morning (June 12) I noticed two metre distance markers on the pavements!

Apparently they had been put in place the previous day, why?

Also how much did they cost?

Some had already had enough of being two metres apart as they had moved onto the road!

It is now well over two months since we were told to stay two metres apart and now it looks like two metres may become one metre.

The date was the start of July for this but pressure is being put on government to implement this change sooner.

I think there are some people who will not have learned anything from this pandemic and this has already been observed with gatherings of more then six people.

As for a second wave we will have to wait and see if it transpires.

If that does not happen then the lockdown may be seen as unecessary but with potentially dire consequences for some, not forgetting of course those who did lose loved ones to COVID-19.

Mrs W Symington