R Hall of Cockermouth writes about the importance of all working together in tackling this Covid19 pandemic (Gazette, June 11)- a sentiment that I assume has its roots in VE Day.

I wholeheartedly support that the idea that we should be working together at this time of tragedy and crisis caused by the virus.

However, asserting that to achieve this objective we "do not need voices of dissent" and that we should "stand solidly behind 'our' PM" is an astonishing position to take given the accumulated evidence of how this government has mismanaged this situation.

It is a tough call to be asked to back a PM who has overseen one of the highest death rates per capita in the world, reluctance to instigate lockdown early, the scandal of PPE, the tragedy experienced in care homes, the vulnerability of the BAME 'front line' workers, the omnishambles of schools reopening (or not!), the testing and tracing fiasco run by Deloitte, Serco, Palantir and DHL et al....oh... and the Cummings 'eye test' trip to Barnard Castle and many more examples. Not a lot to be proud of is there really?

So, forgive me, R. Hall of Cockermouth, but I will not stand behind a man who has repeatedly talked about "world class testing" and "being proud of the government's record".

He and his cronies have failed the people of the UK badly and set a poor example for anyone, especially young people, to follow.

R E Gibbs

Kirkbie Green