GYMNASTS from Orton CofE School were given new gym leotards and lots of encouragement from a local business just in time for the district finals of the Cumbrian Key Steps Gymnastic Festival.

Children aged from just five have been involved in the competition in recent months with class two and four teams getting through to represent Eden in the district-wide finals.

When one parent, Lisa Elliott, realised how well they were doing, her business, KL Venning Slaters, a roofing based near the village, stepped in to provide dazzling leotards for all the girls who were taking part.

“We’re a family that loves sport and I knew that the new outfits would be a great confidence boost for the children who had already achieved so much with their gymnastics and were heading for the district finals,” said Lisa.

Orton’s teams did well at the district stage with Class two coming third and Class four fifth in last Thursday’s finals.

“All three of our gymnastics teams have worked incredibly hard over the last couple of months,” said class four teacher and gymnastics coach, Andrea Mounsey. “They’ve given up their own time, focused on working as great teams and really listened to what their coaches have had to say."