In the 14 years and under sessions of the north west regional championships Ulverston had four swimmers qualified for this section. They were Amelia Mardel, Felicity Boyle, Ethan Alpress and Adam Jones all of whom had worked extremely hard and competed far and wide to reach this level. Alpress got his campaign away with a fine opening effort in the 50 butterfly where he put in a highly competent swim to finish in a time of 32.41. Next up was the 100 backstroke and it was here that he had his greatest success. A brilliant start got him in a strong position and settling into his stroke pattern he matched the pace comfortably whilst keeping something in reserve for a challenge over the last length. Turning well up amongst the leaders he drove for home and did enough to take him into 4th position and a place in the final with a time of 1:10.51. The final threw up a classic as right from the start the pace was furious and charging down the pool there was no clear leader. The turn and transition brought Alpress and three others out with a split of 33.00 and shoulder to shoulder. From then on it was who wanted it most and all four charged into the pressure zone timing their finishes perfectly and with a p.b. time of 1:09.08 Alpress took silver. More success was to follow at 50 backsrtoke where he put in a heat time of 32.49 and a third place to take him into another final. Now full of confidence he challenged again for honours and showing power and skill in his sprinting he stormed down the pool and hit the finish in a new p.b. of 32.21 to snatch the bronze medal. A change of tactics saw him take on the 200 backstroke and using all his know how he kept in the mix and went on to do just enough to take him into the final in 2:31.41. Again it was down to tactics and turns and one swimmer getting a slight lead leaving Alpress and three others fighting it out for minor places. Split times could not part them although at the final turn he was in second place and then a huge challenge in the pressure zone finally brought him another bronze. He finished his efforts with a pleasing ninth place in the 200 individual medley. Mardel also produced performances to be proud of and although just outside the medals she still made three finals. A fine effort came in the 100 freestyle with a brilliant swim into fifth place in 1:02.39 in the heats. In the final she joined the action and at the turn was a little off the pace. An injection of pace took her to the finish with a p.b. and a well deserved sixth place. Her best rest came from the 50 freestyle sprint, which, with over fifty entries was a huge challenge, but Mardel was equal to it blasting her way to the final in 28.84. The final was all about power and technique and Mardel hitting the finish amongst five other swimmers all on 28.00 seconds. Her time of 28.47 saw her take a magnificent fifth place. She pulled off another great heat result in the 50 Breaststroke with a time of 36.62 swim to take her into the final. Once again she performed magnificently, with a well judged race and a strong finish to take eighth place in a time of 37.13. She then went on to tackle the 200 breaststroke, 200 freestyle and 50 butterfly all of which were a severe test of her skills and where she produced more outstanding performances. Meanwhile Boyle took on the bruising 400 individual medley and gave a superb display of her all round skills and using all four strokes to finish in fifteenth place in her category with a time of 5:45.07. An accomplished distance swimmer she had another good result in the 400 Freestyle taking eleventh place in 5:14.77. A succession of backstroke swims in the 50, 100 and 200 produced good performances and times including p.b.s. She then followed this up with two more impressive pieces of sprinting in the 50 breaststroke and freestyle showing great technique combined with talent. The otters concluded their programme with Adam Jones putting in an impressive performance in the 50 backstroke sprint to finish in a time of 34.66