A father and son combo from Coniston are taking on one of the world's toughest endurance events later this month when they take part in the Race Around Ireland.

Norman Beech and his son James, who now lives in Sheffield with his young family, have taken the challenge of cycling a lap of Ireland, which begins on August 25 and takes in 1,350 miles and 22,000 metres of ascent.

The duo will have 132 hours - five-and-a-half days - to complete the challenge, hard enough in the first place, even without considering that time includes any occasions the 'Beech Boys' eat or sleep during the race's duration.

Age is proving to be no barrier to Norman, who turns 60 in December, and he'll be taking it in turns to cycle with James, 28, in what is their latest attempt at an ultra endurance sporting event.

They will be raising funds for Crisis UK and with just over two weeks until the race starts they have already raised over £1,150 towards their ultimate target of £13,500.

Norman Beech said: "For us in the pairs category, the objective is that one bike is always on the road making progress, while the other rider is not on a bike but being driven up the course, getting ready to 'relay' with the other cyclist.

"They then take on the cycling from the person that is partnering them and during those times that's when you can get a bit of sleep or have something to eat.

"We've previously had a go at this on a tandem, that was a few years ago and we were trying to be the first riders to go round Ireland on a tandem, but sadly James was ill in the lead-up to it and was on antibiotics.

"We got around half of it in half the time, but James started to get ill again and we had to retire from the race. This time we're going round on two solo bikes."

The Beeches have completed several of the world's toughest endurance events in the last decade, including becoming the first British father and son to row across the Atlantic Ocean in the 2010 Woodvale Challenge.

They also cycled from Land's End to John O'Groats in 2011 and this race marks something of a comeback for them as it is their first since 2016.

Norman Beech said: "We're hopefully on for a different outcome this time and we've preparing for it for the last year and we're ready to go now."

"In the last couple of years, James and his wife Laura have started a family, so that put things on hold a little bit what we took on.

"But his family is a little bit older now, so we're heading out there again to see what we can do in 2019."